The Tragic Lives of Naxalites in India


                            If you will go in the domains of Naxalites in India you will see a strange paradox there. Police wear civil dresses there while rebellions wear Uniforms ! Jail- superintendents  are in the locks while captives are liberal. The Rape-Victim women are locked in the Jails whereas the rapists are addressing people in the market squares !!! There hemlets are soundless while all the noises are banging in the Jungles!!!  There Police is committing crimes while rucks are trying to save themselves………..These are the places where naxalites are taking birth!!!!


the naxalites 4                                    the naxalites 5

                           Since decades India is facing the bloody and dreadful scourge of Naxalites. From East India to Central India, and from Central India to South India , Naxalites have made ‘ The Red corridor’ where they are posing their squawks against the Indian Government in their own style .

               Whenever any remarkable political event use to get arrange in Chhattisgarh,  Bihar, Orrisa, or West Bengal, Naxalites conspire blood stained consequences , in order to lodge their anger.

Naxalites & Terrosits :  If they  say  Terrosits and Naxalites are same , they are very wrong ……..there lies a major difference between terrorists and naxalites. The Booker Prize Winner Leading Social Worker Of India , ‘The’ Arundhati Roy writes in her book that :

” These are the innocent tribes of India, who have suffered , injustice, exploitation, vandalism by police forces , moneylenders and   government’s policies,since decades . There women are raped, and brothers are killed just because they questioned about their own rights !!! “the Naxalites 3

They started fighting because they were compelled to strave, their lands are being snatched , after the 70 years of India’s freedom they have not yet achieved the Education, Medical facilities, Laws to protect and so on. The small vendors and shylocks were gulping their families continuously.

Terrorists fire to spread the terror, while these Naxalites fire to save themselves !!! ………………………


to be continued…….


Author: Nehal.VRK

Hello Friends......I am a Freelance Writer. I cover Content Writing, Creative Writing, Editing, Translating from English to Hindi and vice-versa. I usually pen on the subjects which touch my heart and soul. When I see cruelty in the world......I try to find a Lighthouse in the storms of Our World..........

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