8 Tips For Freelance Writers : How To Earn 5 Digits Income

Are you trying to achieve success in writing career ? Are you working hard day-n-night, still not getting that much in return?  Don’t get despondent. Here are a few tips for struggling writers , on how to deliver best content to earn best …….

1- Have Patience and Practice Perseverance :  Every career demands a long period of struggle. Nothing is like your mom’s cake -ready on your dinning table ,waiting for you. In life, every success demands hard-work and perseverance.P 2All those great people who have achieved remarkable success in their career have worked hard for it, for years and decades . Then only they have got that name ,fame and money. Nothing can be achieved overnight-Remember it.



2- Choose First The Form of Writing : Few decades back, writing was only divided in two parts- Fiction and Non-Fiction. A writer needed to select one out of the two. But these days the career of a writer can have 8 or 10 or 12 options. Types of writing 2.jpgYou must have recognized it – one can be a content writer, a creative writer [articles, features, fiction or non fiction], resume writer, academic writer, translator and so on.  In content writing only, there can be a hundred of formats, on which a writer can deliver contents on demand.

So, it is very important to select the forms you can deliver writings in. A few , out of all those available to choose , can be your niche. You have to recognize them. Try to understand what type of writings can you deliver the best . Two,three, four or five- you should once choose and practice them only. Flourish the needed skill for these niches. And perceive the career in them only. Otherwise you may lost in the labyrinth of the various patterns.


3- Read-Read-Read : To become a writer I would not say you to Write -Write N Write. Rather I would say Read-Read N Read if you really want to become a writer one day. If you will not invest your time in reading the other ‘Great’ writers you can never get success in writing.  Your brain and Pen both need words, thoughts, ideas, vocabulary, style,skills and tactics to write well. So read well to write well.

                  Read 2

4- Give your 200% to each piece you write /create : To write is easy to write excellent is hard. Anybody can write ,we know. Today 8But to write in a way to impress your reader is something that needs some pivotal qualities, such as data mining, curiosity, perseverance, honesty, and a desire to make your writing a best piece editing again and again. Give your 200 % to your writing, before delivering it before your employers or readers. Your piece should be capable enough to spur your feelings in the reader’s heart.

5- Do Not Ever Tired Of Editing: Every writing needs tailoring and cropping. Edit your Today 1writing in various stages, whenever you feel like. Wherever you find something better than already existing on your page/ screen change it, re-form it and re-live it. A best piece can need 8 or 10 rounds of editing before becoming a stylist impressive and admirable piece.

6- Contact the media houses or corporate companies: Don’t just sit and wait, step ahead, show your writings and ask for work to the media houses and employer companies. Once, twice , thrice- no counting is needed. Today 3Try up to the day , when you impress enough to get contracts. Practical knowledge is very much needed even if you are planning to write your own book. Job works can flourish all your abilities. The demand of the jobs , ask us to learn all the new arts, styles and technologies that is proved beneficial to our  career. So work with great companies to learn great things.

7-  In the beginning don’t expect nice pay : In the beginning just grab the jobs ,whatever they are paying it’s okay. To get experienced, learn things and mention those experience in your resume- that is vital. Not the money they are paying. Today 5

So, don’t go to scale the responsibilities you will be playing against the stipend. Just grab it.After you achieve a few years’ experience ,you will get nice pay, for sure.

8- Welcome all the job-works- In the beginning just try all the forms, whatever come in your way. You may have your niches, but you might yourself not be knowing that you can write best in some form! So, try whatever is offered and by heart – try to learn. Deliver best product.

9- Have a website : Once you get settled in writing , launch your website to display your talent. You can deliver what you like on your blogs!! Today 7People can judge your strength, capacity, and style on your website. You can send your clients on your website to show your sample of writings.

10- Behave & Morals: These are not outdated yet. Good behavior and righteous morals are still attract people towards you. Nearly all the great people have remained stuck with morals in their lives. All the world famous scientists, cine-stars,

                        Behave 1.jpgBehave 2.jpg

sports person- all were a good human being, we should know. History is full of the examples when peerless talents got sullied in the absence of courteous and reasonable behavior. So, don’t let yourself indulge in that fen-land of dirty,heart-aching behaviors with your colleagues and seniors. Being a freelancer you can check whether your clients turn to you back? Repeat your services? If every time it’s a -‘No’ , understand what the situation is telling to you. If your work is good still the companies are not repeating you, it is saying that something is wrong in your behavior. Check it-it’s an alarm !!!


So, the icing on the cake of freelance journalism, is that you write recklessly, you try all the forms, you can even write your own book in your spare time, and you can earn a 5 digits to 6 digits income per month !!! And that is pretty smart!!! Stay at home with your kids and then even earn respect and pennies- what else can be a sweetest desert of the life ?

Author: Nehal.VRK

Hello Friends......I am a Freelance Writer. I cover Content Writing, Creative Writing, Editing, Translating from English to Hindi and vice-versa. I usually pen on the subjects which touch my heart and soul. When I see cruelty in the world......I try to find a Lighthouse in the storms of Our World..........

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