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Welcome to my blog.                                                                                       My Image

I am Nehal- the founder of XpertInk Writing Services. This company is the services I offer to my clients. So, I would like to tell you something about my own self……to understand the XpertInk Writings………

I am a born book-worm- a reader and a writer !!!

I have read books, magazines, fictions non-fictions, newspaper, websites, and whatnot! I have read psychology, spiritualism, science, technology, real estate, banking, philosophy, social problems, women problems, children -parenting, English literature, Hindi literature, and what not ????

Stephen King had said once – “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the tools to write. Simple as that.” 

This thing suits my writing the most. I am a bookworm in the true sense, I eat everything that comes in front of me, in the forms of alphabets. My love for reading has formed my psychology. I read 5 times-10 times more before I write a piece. If I am asked to deliver a 1000 words article/ feature I read 10 thousand words before delivering that piece. 

Unless I know each and every aspect of the thing- Unless I satisfy all the questions coming into my mind, I never write. I just can’t write to deliver, I write to satisfy myself in the complete sense of that subject.

I offer my writing skills, under the name of XpertInk Writing Services. I write all types of content and am a specialist in writing Study materials ( content)and Features ( creative) on any topic under the sky. 

Feature Writing, Content writing & Creative writing are my niches. 

I write Freelance so you can hire my skills, I take assignments, contracts, projects. And I deliver my work before deadlines. I work according to client’s needs, expectations, and criteria. So you can contact me if you are in need of writing services.  

 I am an artist-cum- writer. Sometimes a Painter- Oil on Canvas- While Full time A Writer………My Painting- Shrinathji Clear 2

I am writing for different Magazines and Newspapers since 10 yrs and if someone asks me about my choice- I am very much eager to change the evils of society through writing. When it comes to my choice, the topics I choose are always related to human-agonies like discrimination or illiteracy. I am a feminist and get stirred by women’s problems worldwide.

There is a huge scope of fermentation in our world, and we can process it.  

I am ready to contribute whatever I can, for our society and our globe.



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