How to decline a job offer?

Sometimes it happen that we receive two job offers together and need to decline one out of them. Or sometimes because of some other reasons we need to do it. No worries… should do it properly with dignity and politeness. So that the doors for the future should remain with that company or employer. Read this article and know how to decline a job offer without burning the bridge!

How to Decline a Job Offer?

You applied, you interviewed, and you got job……not job, but ‘jobs’!! Sometimes it happens. If you’ve been applying for several jobs you may receive more than one job offers at the same time. Or sometimes you receive a role that’s not the right fit. You might be wondering how to decline the job offer. It’s vital to be polite and thank the hiring manager for the offer.

But the question is how you would decline the offer? Would it be better to place a reason? What if you may like to work with the same company in the future? Should you avoid burning any bridges? You might be having so many queries in your mind.

We are trying to mention here the things that you should keep in mind while declining a job offer. These points will also teach you how to decline a job offer politely and gracefully -that is actually significant!

  1. Decline a job: But don’t burn the bridge

Just like its normal for employers to reject job candidates, it’s completely okay for you to refuse an employer. But the point is that you should not do it in a manner that all the ways for the future communications get closed!

There are proper, appropriate & vulnerable tracks that should be followed while declining the offer. You need not to burn the bridges by inappropriate behaviors, writings, and talks.

‘To decline a job‘ is not a problem, you are free to refuse their offer. But how to decline a job offer politely that should be thoughtful. The way you select to refuse, the words you choose to convey your message should be a result of thorough thought process! Just don’t spoil everything, while declining the offer.

  1. Decline a job: But inform the employer as soon as you decide

Once you are ready with the decision of not accepting the offer, call or email the employer and let them know right away. Never delay, as that can really cause an inconvenience to them. This may also create a disappointment and frustration that you didn’t tell them sooner? Plus, they may have other candidates on hold who would be delighted to receive the offer once you decline it.

So, decline a job, but choose carefully how to decline a job offer politely!

  1. Decline a job: You can do it through an email, but a phone call is even better

People usually turn down the jobs via email, so if you also choose that route, the world won’t implode. But to call and inform politely would be the more gracious move.

The HR manager who was dealing with you might have emotionally involved in you as they are offering you the job. To take care of all the aspects is needed, not to end the things in worse manner!

Also, you should be aware that the ‘Timeliness’ is more important than connecting on the phone, keep this in mind. And if declining the offer by phone would ask days to the process, you should go ahead and send an email. It will be better! You can state a few lines such as, “I’d planned to reach you on the phone, but wasn’t able to call immediately. So, I chose to inform you through the email to avoid the delay of the process.”

  1. Decline a job: But place a sensible reason

If you have decided to decline the job offer, you should state a rational reason while doing so. This point might seem unfair to you as employers turn down candidates all the time without mentioning any reason! Agreed! But it is not necessary to follow the same route!

You can come across better and should preserve the relationship for the future. It would be beneficial to you only if you would be careful about how to decline a job offer politely. Giving some amount of explanation for your decision is sensible.

It is not necessary that your reason should be an extensive record of all your concerns about the job or the other reasons making you decline the job offer! Rather it would be enough to say something like, “Thanks so much for considering me for the job, but after a lot of thought, I’ve decided to decline the offer. As I am in need to focus on a few other roles that I think are more in line with the goal I am trying to achieve in my career.”

  1. Decline a job: ….. But Wait!!!

You are free to decline the job……but wait!!! Their further offer may suit you!!!

It’s entirely possible that your reason may encourage the concerned manager to get a way out to address your problem. And he may try to offer you some better circumstances such as a better salary plan, or say they may permit you to work remotely [if the location is the issue]. And in some cases, you may find yourself able to work for the same company!

But again if they offer something that is not enough to change your mind, it’s okay just to state, “Thank you so much for your offer. But I don’t think it’s exactly what I’m looking for right now, but I really appreciate you tried to make it work.”

You should study properly how to decline a job offer politely.

  1. Decline a job: thank the company people for their time

See, when we decline a job offer we are hurting and disappointing the company and the HR manager. So we should take responsibility to make them feel better at the same time.

When you are turning down the offer, you can say something like, “I appreciate the efforts and time you spent dealing with me about the position. I cherish a hope that our paths may get crossed in the future.” These are the courtesy and manners about how to decline a job offer politely.

If you really liked the company or the manager the most and thought you might be interested in working with them in the future, you can even mention something like, “I’m impressed by the work you’re doing in company X and would love to find a way to be a part of it down the road, even though the salary/place or timing didn’t work out this time.” To decline a job offer should decimate you as less as possible.


So, it’s okay to decline a job offer. But it’s smarter to keep open the ways for future even when this time you are declining the offer. Also if you are turning down the offer, it’s significant to remain thoughtful, polite, and sensible towards the company people. And most important is that it would be beneficial to you only to leave an exemplary impression this time, to work with the same company in future!!!

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How To Create The Best Article, That Buyer Will Have To Buy……

article writers are now  blogging  their articles . So, we will have to say that ‘Writing Articles’ is not yet lackluster-ed , has not caught on the hop, yet.

7 Steps To Create The Best Articlewriting nib 4

Though these are the days of dynamic blogs online, but everybody would have to admit that the days of article writing and publishing are not yet gone ! To inscribe beautiful word collages are still one of the obsessions of creative writers , article writers are now  blogging  their articles . So, we will have to say that ‘Writing Articles’ is not yet lackluster-ed , has not caught on the hop, yet.

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To create alterations and modifications in lives- by using the keyboards n monitors- are still high on the hog. Let’s see how can a creative writer create magic in writing article :

Step 1 : Understand The Depth & Scope of the Topic 

Every topic you get or choose has its own scope and depth. scope of a topicEven if you need to cover any one [given] aspect of the topic, still ………………… write a best and impacting article, you need to fathom the depth of the topic thoroughly. Understand the topic wholly. And then decide what are those aspects you need to cover to a lesser extent and what are for the fuller extent.

Understand the topic thoroughly, study it and then start to write.

Step 2 : Research Well 

The caliber and transcendence of any article are directly proportionate with the research carried out by the creator. research 1The research you make on your topic can create the article in its prime. So, research well on internet, books, newspapers and live . Try to search answers to all the questions emerge in your brain about the topic . Don’t leave them unanswered.

Read 10k words if you have to deliver 1k or 1.5 k words article. In this way , your article will reflect the blend of  strength, confidence ,and facts.

Step 3 : Structure Your Material

After gathering and understanding all the needed facts on the subject , and choosing the structure of an articleones you want to include in your article, you need to prepare and determine the structure of the article. Which is the thing you want to start with, and which are the points you would cover ? Think about it. What will the sequence of the facts ? Decide all these things and just start writing in a flow.

Write in your own natural language first , don’t concentrate on the vocabulary , you can always replace the words later, in editing stages. The structure can create the desired impact on the readers.

Start with a hooking paragraph and learn to add punching lines in the end.

Step 4 : Mind the Effect     

After you create a rough draft of your article – Read it. effectsIf possible give a smart gap between writing the first draft and reading it . Read after a few hours. Read it as if you are a reader, and try to experience the feelings a reader may feel during the reading . This reading will suggest you the things that should be added or cut from the paragraphs. The effect on the readers is the ideas propagate


paramount factor – nothing is more important than this. If you are writing with some feelings ,those feelings should propagate in your readers’ conscious- that is a writer’s true success.

So, mind the effect of the piece you have written.

Step 5: Adorn Your Article : 

After checking the content,structure,flow and feel of the created article , it’s the time to adorn the language of your article. The first draft was created to achieve the fluency , so now you need to embellish the piece with the suitable synonyms of normal words, without disturbing the fluency.         beauty of language

Choose the synonyms which match to the feel of your subject. If you are working on the topics like chatbots, ,mobiles or internet etc. the words should be technical. If you are writing on a subject that is related to health issues the words used can be medical related.

The words you use to convey your views can create magic to support your ideas. Adorn your article with the captivating sentences and efficacious vocabulary  to create a relic piece of writing.

Step 6 : Nominate an Eye-Catching Title

What the reader will glance first is your ‘Title’ , to make the reader start reading your titlesarticle is possible only through your Title. So, understand which chord to touch through the Title. It can be readers’ curiosity, emotions, query or any such thing which compel a reader to peep into your content. 

Once the reader gets compel to start reading your article , it’s on your first hooking paragraph to hook him further.

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Step 7 : Include Mesmerizing Images [Do more than you are paid for]

Though you will be paid for your 1000 words and not for the images or graphs separately , if you will present the publishers with the connected mesmerizing images, graphs or charts, you will not be in loss. Even if your publishers don’t include all of your images, but this step of your’s will show your obsession with presenting best production . And this will call further orders for you . 

writing nib 3   article-writing 4




8 Tips For Freelance Writers : How To Earn 5 Digits Income

Are you trying to achieve success in writing career ? Are you working hard day-n-night, still not getting that much in return?  Don’t get despondent. Here are a few tips for struggling writers , on how to deliver best content to earn best …….

1- Have Patience and Practice Perseverance :  Every career demands a long period of struggle. Nothing is like your mom’s cake -ready on your dinning table ,waiting for you. In life, every success demands hard-work and perseverance.P 2All those great people who have achieved remarkable success in their career have worked hard for it, for years and decades . Then only they have got that name ,fame and money. Nothing can be achieved overnight-Remember it.



2- Choose First The Form of Writing : Few decades back, writing was only divided in two parts- Fiction and Non-Fiction. A writer needed to select one out of the two. But these days the career of a writer can have 8 or 10 or 12 options. Types of writing 2.jpgYou must have recognized it – one can be a content writer, a creative writer [articles, features, fiction or non fiction], resume writer, academic writer, translator and so on.  In content writing only, there can be a hundred of formats, on which a writer can deliver contents on demand.

So, it is very important to select the forms you can deliver writings in. A few , out of all those available to choose , can be your niche. You have to recognize them. Try to understand what type of writings can you deliver the best . Two,three, four or five- you should once choose and practice them only. Flourish the needed skill for these niches. And perceive the career in them only. Otherwise you may lost in the labyrinth of the various patterns.


3- Read-Read-Read : To become a writer I would not say you to Write -Write N Write. Rather I would say Read-Read N Read if you really want to become a writer one day. If you will not invest your time in reading the other ‘Great’ writers you can never get success in writing.  Your brain and Pen both need words, thoughts, ideas, vocabulary, style,skills and tactics to write well. So read well to write well.

                  Read 2

4- Give your 200% to each piece you write /create : To write is easy to write excellent is hard. Anybody can write ,we know. Today 8But to write in a way to impress your reader is something that needs some pivotal qualities, such as data mining, curiosity, perseverance, honesty, and a desire to make your writing a best piece editing again and again. Give your 200 % to your writing, before delivering it before your employers or readers. Your piece should be capable enough to spur your feelings in the reader’s heart.

5- Do Not Ever Tired Of Editing: Every writing needs tailoring and cropping. Edit your Today 1writing in various stages, whenever you feel like. Wherever you find something better than already existing on your page/ screen change it, re-form it and re-live it. A best piece can need 8 or 10 rounds of editing before becoming a stylist impressive and admirable piece.

6- Contact the media houses or corporate companies: Don’t just sit and wait, step ahead, show your writings and ask for work to the media houses and employer companies. Once, twice , thrice- no counting is needed. Today 3Try up to the day , when you impress enough to get contracts. Practical knowledge is very much needed even if you are planning to write your own book. Job works can flourish all your abilities. The demand of the jobs , ask us to learn all the new arts, styles and technologies that is proved beneficial to our  career. So work with great companies to learn great things.

7-  In the beginning don’t expect nice pay : In the beginning just grab the jobs ,whatever they are paying it’s okay. To get experienced, learn things and mention those experience in your resume- that is vital. Not the money they are paying. Today 5

So, don’t go to scale the responsibilities you will be playing against the stipend. Just grab it.After you achieve a few years’ experience ,you will get nice pay, for sure.

8- Welcome all the job-works- In the beginning just try all the forms, whatever come in your way. You may have your niches, but you might yourself not be knowing that you can write best in some form! So, try whatever is offered and by heart – try to learn. Deliver best product.

9- Have a website : Once you get settled in writing , launch your website to display your talent. You can deliver what you like on your blogs!! Today 7People can judge your strength, capacity, and style on your website. You can send your clients on your website to show your sample of writings.

10- Behave & Morals: These are not outdated yet. Good behavior and righteous morals are still attract people towards you. Nearly all the great people have remained stuck with morals in their lives. All the world famous scientists, cine-stars,

                        Behave 1.jpgBehave 2.jpg

sports person- all were a good human being, we should know. History is full of the examples when peerless talents got sullied in the absence of courteous and reasonable behavior. So, don’t let yourself indulge in that fen-land of dirty,heart-aching behaviors with your colleagues and seniors. Being a freelancer you can check whether your clients turn to you back? Repeat your services? If every time it’s a -‘No’ , understand what the situation is telling to you. If your work is good still the companies are not repeating you, it is saying that something is wrong in your behavior. Check it-it’s an alarm !!!


So, the icing on the cake of freelance journalism, is that you write recklessly, you try all the forms, you can even write your own book in your spare time, and you can earn a 5 digits to 6 digits income per month !!! And that is pretty smart!!! Stay at home with your kids and then even earn respect and pennies- what else can be a sweetest desert of the life ?

How To Be A Writer

writing 7


‘Writing in 21st century’- The aspects are changed. The meaning of ‘Writing’ has disguised in numerous mantles in this era. 

Writing- is not only creative or imaginative today. Not only fiction or non-fiction. Writing today can be content writing, news writing, report writing, academic writing,resume writing and so on. Writing has in fact, come forward in novice disguises these days.

If you want to become a writer and earn money, you need to select a few of the aisles that are available today. You should predominantly understand, work upon and select two or three ways of writing, to earn money. 

how tos 6

To write fiction or non-fiction books – is a core work of those who wants to become a ‘writer’ in true sense. But to earn money through writing you can be a content writer, resume writer, or a story writer. You can write learning materials of institutes or you can blog to earn. Lets study how many types of writing career are there to become a writer in the 21st century : 

writing types

1.  Master The Art of Content Writing : All the high-tech companies these days badly need content writers. Unlike 10 or 15 years back, companies today have become highly technical. All the companies are creating their websites, online materials , brochures, social media pages and so on. They badly need content writers to maintain these pages.      content writing

If you can glue your but to the chair and can work on sentences , words and alphabets for hours, to carve a structure to impress the targeted customers, you can think about this career. If you have stored a vast vocabulary in your brain and a love for creating writing pieces , you can initially  earn up to  10K to 15K per month, which can hike upto INR 60k to 1 lakh.


 2.   Learn Blogging to earn jobs :   Blogging and personal website is something that creates trust in a writer’s personality. Your website can leave a message among the employers that  you are serious about your writing career. And that they  can trust you and hire you as a writer. 

         earn-money-blogging    To create your website is not an expensive or lengthy task these days. One can himself/herself can create a website just spending negligible amount. WordPress, GoDaddy, Mozello,, are a few domains which helps creating personally a website. You can blog on the website , as per your availability of time and can mention the website in your resume, too. Interested employers can visit your website to read your blogs as  samples of your writings. That can be a bonus for the recruiters to understand your talent.  

3. Publish being an Article Writer :  If you have been a reader so far about some special subject say artistry, real estate, social problems, handicraft, gadgets, food, fashion or travel you must be having something to share with the masses. You can give your thoughts a face by weaving them in a needed structure according to the targeted publication.

article writing

Newspapers and Magazines need articles and features on regular basis. And if you have something in your writing they will definitely buy your articles. Initially you may get a very small amount for each article/feature but after achieving a remarkable tag of experience you will start getting a handsome amount for each 500 or 1000 words article. And you can count it as an admirable step towards becoming a ‘writer’.

4. Fall in love with Creative Writing : Wikipedia says, ‘ Creative writing is any writing that goes outside the bounds of normal professional, journalistic, academic, or technical forms of literature, typically identified by an emphasis on narrative craft, character development, and the use of literary tropes or with various traditions of poetry and poetics.’ 

Fiction -Non fiction

             So, creative writing is something that demands tons and tons and tons of mental work, understanding, experience, knowledge and tactics. One just can’t sit and write an impact-full  creative writing which is sale-able ,too!!!! If you want to write short stories , novellas, and novels on which readers would expense their pennies ,you need to first Read good writers’ creations, will have to learn characterization, plot creation, and so many more things to create a right piece of literature. So, creative writing is a different world, than content writing , resume writing or brochure writings.

But once you master this art of ‘Creating Writing’ , start publishing your books– Fiction or Non-fiction — you will earn millions through your pen and brain, trust me.

Writers are writers, they play with the alphabets, words, their meanings and their presentations. Writers target their readers. They know what is their intended impact on the readers. To be a writer ,it needs intelligence, hard-work,understanding of what the readers want, and a will to serve employer according to their expectations. 


 So, the ball is in your court. You will have to decide ,what do you want to write? Would you prefer a 9 to 5 job or would love to be a freelancer. Would you be excellent in writing novels or contents? It’s up to you in which direction you want to go. But two things are for sure.

One is that all these types of writing are inter-woven and can flourish your career, if you try your hand on them simultaneously.To be a writer you should indulge in more than two writings, at least. And the second is that to be a writer you will at least need a laptop and a constant wi-fi connection, along with your talent, passion, hard-work, and perseverance.Without surfing on the internet and gathering knowledge more than you are in need of, you can not write a real piece of writing !!

Your career can not go on a significant height unless you work -hard towards your goal. William Faulkner had said once,  “Read, read, read. Read everything — trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You’ll absorb it.typewriter 5
Then write. If it’s good, you’ll find out. If it’s not, throw it out of the window.”

In the same way, before writing a 1000 words’ master piece, one has to read 10,000 words, and write at least 5000, then only  he or she gets a 1000 refined words that will be a new message about the subject, and that will impress or teach your reader , publisher or employer !


Ernest Hemingway has said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
So, let’s start. Create a website, post a few blogs, apply for the jobs. Meanwhile start writing articles on your favorite subjects. And Read . Just Read always if you really want to be a  ‘Writer’ !